4 ways to promote Mamma Self-Care around your home

January 28, 2018

There is nothing quite like going away for a holiday and staying in a lovely hotel to help you unwind.  How did it make you feel? What was it about the hotel room?


The answer is atmosphere.


How do you feel looking at this room ?
Now what about this room?

I’m sure everyone would prefer to spend the night in the second bedroom. Why? because it’s visually more appealing and more conducive to relaxation.  I know when I’m in a messy disorganised space I feel more stressed and not wanting to spend much time there. I feel refreshed and more relaxed when the spaces around me are organised and visually appealing. 

The spaces in our homes are  a reflection of how we currently feeling mentally and emotionally.

When I was suffering from Post Natal Depression I found it difficult to keep my bedroom organised. It was clean but not organised, there is a difference. I was feeling overwhelmed mentally and my bedroom reflected that.  I thought it was important to keep the rest of the house looking lovely because it was for everyone else to see not just me. I felt like it wasn’t a priority for me to have a nice space for me. I had piles of washing everywhere, undusted dresser, jewellery in tangled piles and the list went on.


I didn’t enjoy my bedroom or bathroom, they caused me to feel stress and reminded me of jobs I had not got around to. I felt trapped in my own house as I didn’t have a place I could just relax in. I needed somewhere to retreat to when I needed some time on my own.


Notice how kids don’t seem to notice or care if their bedrooms are cluttered with toys, because they are in an atmosphere where it brings them joy, whereas if you had to sleep in there it would probably not be as pleasant because the same toys don’t bring you the same joy as they do your children.


Now if your think about your own bedroom and bathroom...

how do you feel when you walk in?

Do they make you feel relaxed and ready to unwind or do they just remind you that you need  to put away piles of washing like I did? Is your Bathroom covered in kids bath toys and toothpaste smears?  what about your wardrobe ? Is it full of clothes you don’t wear anymore or clothes that don’t make you feel good?


If the answers to these questions left you feeling disheartened don’t fret! 


Below are 4 ways you can promote Mamma Self-Care in your home.


1. Bathroom
Now if you have more than one bathroom in your home it will be easier to achieve a tranquil atmosphere because you can keep one bathroom a child free zone. You want it to feel relaxed and clean, not surrounded about rubber ducks.

  • Remove any excess beauty products off the bathroom sink.

  • Store any kids bath toys out of view

  • Add some indoor plants  help purify the air and help give a tranquil feel

  • A nice scented candle you light only when you need some alone time

  • Nice soft fluffy towels ONLY for you Mamma /fold them nicely to feel like your at a spa

  • Treat yourself to a couple of luxury bath products that are just for you quality over quantity is the key

  • Play whatever music that helps you unwind when you do get to soak in the tub

  • A simple wipe over of benches and sink area can keep your bathroom maintained until you do a proper clean

The simpler the better.


Plants are so good for creating atmosphere and relaxation. I have plants throughout my home. I love how they help create a more natural feel .


Bathroom cupboard organisation can be a simple step in creating peace and order. When you don’t have to stress about where something is you can allow yourself to get on with the job of pampering yourself. Get rid of any bath products you have not used in a while. Chances are If the $3 body lotion that your Aunt Betty gave you three years ago hasn’t been opened it wont. GET RID OF IT.


2. Bedroom
This is such an important room for promoting Self-Care. It’s where you sleep, get dressed, keep your clothes, make love 😉 so it needs to feel relaxing and a place you can retreat to when you need.


  • Lovely crisp linen can help create that hotel feel/not to mention a lovely doona cover.
    Have I mentioned that I love plants 😉

  • Scented candles create a peaceful atmosphere and are a treat for your senses.

  • Keep your bedroom a washing free zone , I know it’s hard !

  • If you have a dresser , make it present nicely , you want to feel special getting yourself ready with your products laid out and jewelry at your fingertips.

  • Cushions on beds are a bit of a personal preference you either love em or hate em

  • Wall art or canvas art that helps create warmth in the room

3. Wardrobe
It’s time to simplify your life. Purge all those outfits you no longer wear but hang onto incase one day you change your mind but deep down you know you won’t. We all have those items of clothing.

  • Avoid seasonal prints – they date most likely you will only like it for a short period of time

  • Opt for solid colours you feel good in. Solid colours are easier to mix and match

  • Only  hang in your wardrobe clothes that match the season your in. Store away other seasonal clothing

  • Keep any overhead shelving organised and easily accessible


4. Kitchen

weather you like to cook or not your home will have a kitchen. If your a Mamma you will no doubt spend a lot of time in there. You can make your kitchen more inviting with simple solutions.

  • Keep the benches free of clutter

  • Show off your favourite items for me it’s my Thermomix and wine glasses 😉

  • If your a coffee or tea drinker set aside a space where you can prepare your favourite drink

  • Did I mention I like plants 😉

  • keep your fruit bowl full or fresh fruit. Hopefully it will remind you to eat some.

  • keep a special china cup or mug just for you to enjoy some time

It’s amazing how just by making some simple changes around you that it can immediately help you to feel more relaxed and refreshed. Hopefully these simple suggestions help you to create a space in your home where you want to spend time in relaxing. You truly deserve it! if your looking for more inspiration you can check out my  Pinterest  self-care boards.


X Shannon

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